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Study Abroad in 10 Simple Steps

Shanice York Cliffs of MoherStep 1: Make an appointment with a peer advisor

Step 2: Meet with your academic advisor to have a preliminary discussion of study abroad.
  • Review your DPCL together to determine the right mix of courses to take while abroad-not just major courses but electives, common curriculum, etc.
  • Don’t talk about the courses offered abroad, rather discuss the Loyola course requirements for your major
  • Are there specific courses that you should be sure to take before going abroad?
Step 3: Make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to explore specific programs.
  • Review specific programs that meet your degree and financial requirements.
Step 4: Ready to apply for a program or have more questions?
  • Make an appointment with an advisor to open your application and review the finance specific questions 
  • Remember that you must have approval to study abroad and have an application set up through the Loyola study abroad website if you want to receive credit.  This applies even on non-Loyola programs.  For more information, make an appointment.
Step 5: Complete the application!
  • Semester and year-long programs can be rushed in a week but most applicants work on their applications for at least 3-4 months.
  • To have the most options available to you, you should begin meeting with advisors in CIE about a full year in advance of when you want to go abroad. For example, if you want to go abroad in fall of your junior year, you would begin applying in fall of your sophomore year. 

Step 6: Going on a semester or year-long exchange? If not, skip to step 8!
Once you’ve done the application you will have a short interview with a small committee of faculty who are very encouraging and open to study abroad.

Karen Miranda Wolfpack PrideStep 7: Application to your host university.
Once you’ve been interviewed, we will send the application to the actual university abroad for your official acceptance. Be patient, it could take a few weeks before you are accepted to your selected university. 
Step 8: Acceptance
Congratulations! The hard part is over. You’re going abroad! This isn’t the end of the journey, you’ll still have to apply for your visa, purchase airline tickets, secure housing, and other details before you leave.
Step 9: Pre-Departure Orientation.
All students going abroad will have an orientation session with the CIE before leaving campus.
Step 10: GO ABROAD!
The application process can seem daunting and overwhelming with so many choices and important questions but going abroad will change your life!

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Revised 8/9/2018