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Study Abroad Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships for study abroad. We have listed some of the most well-known scholarships. Please note that you may be eligible for more than one scholarship or grant. Click on each link below for additional information. 

College of Arts and Science

LaNasa Scholarship - Deadline February 12

Awards for students in the College of Arts and Sciences for Loyola Faculty-Led summer programs up to the cost of the program.

General Scholarships and Grants for Study Abroad

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship - Deadline February 26
Awards of up to $5,000 for study abroad programs of at least 21 days. Apply early! Eligibility: Must be on Pell Grant. Emphasis on non-traditional destinations (outside of Western Europe) and students with diverse backgrounds, but anyone on a Pell Grant can apply.

Hostel International USA Scholarships - Deadline March 2 for travel between May 15, 2019 and August 31, 2020
The Explore the World travel scholarship is need based, for educational or service related travel outside the U.S. between May 15th 2019 and August 31st 2020, and is locally competitive for 18-30 year old residents of Orleans, Jefferson, and St. Bernard parishes.   The application is open online from January 1st to March 2nd.

Critical Language Scholarship
The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is an intensive overseas language and cultural immersion program for American students enrolled at U.S. colleges and universities. The program includes intensive language instruction and structured cultural enrichment experiences designed to promote rapid language gains. National Security Education Program (NSEP) Boren Awards
Scholarship awards of up to $20,000. Apply early! Eligibility: 8-week study abroad or longer. U.S. citizenship. Awarded for study outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Requires service in U.S. after study abroad.

Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships 
Academic-year scholarships of up to $25,000 sponsored by the Rotary Foundation. Contact the New Orleans Rotary Club to begin the Ambassadorial scholarship application. Eligibility: Year-long study abroad. Contact Rotary Club for additional requirements.

Fund for Education Abroad Scholarships
Fall, Spring, and Summer grants up to $10,000 for study abroad . Eligibility: U.S. citizenship, undergraduate, 4-week study abroad program or longer. 

ISEP General Scholarship Information
Planning to Study Abroad through ISEP? Check this resource for potential scholarship opportunities.

Region-specific Scholarships

Asia and Japan

Freeman-ASIA awards up to $3,000 per summer, $5,000 per semester, or $7,000 per year for study abroad in Asia. Eligibility: Open to U.S. citizens studying in Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, or Vietnam for a summer, semester, or year.

Country-specific Scholarships

Bridging Scholarship for Japan 
Bridging Scholarship recipients receive $2,500 per semester of $4,000 per year for study abroad in Japan. Eligibility: Open to U.S. citizens studying in Japan for a semester or year.

Morgan Stanley Scholarship for Japan 
Morgan Stanley recipients receive $7,500 per year for study abroad in Japan. Eligibility: Juniors and Seniors at U.S. universities who will be studying abroad in Japan for an academic year.

JASSO-related scholarships for Japan
The Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) website consolidates a number of opportunities in one handy pamphlet. Eligibility: Requirements vary by scholarship. Check the pamphlet linked above for more details.

DAAD Scholarship for Study in Germany 
DAAD administers several scholarship programs for programs in Germany. Eligibility: Open to students studying, interning, or conducting research in Germany. 

BUTEX Scholarship for Study in the U.K. 
BUTEX awards £500 scholarships for study abroad in the U.K. Eligibility: Open to students currently registered at a U.S. university who will be studying abroad at a UK university which is affiliated with BUTEX. Please visit the BUTEX website for a list of affiliates.  

ISEP Annette Kade Fund Scholarship for French and German language learners
The ISEP Scholarship committee awards scholarships between $500–$1,500. Eligibility: Open to students from U.S. ISEP member institutions (including Loyola) planning to study either French or German at ISEP member institutions in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or Reunion Island.

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