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COVID-19 Study Abroad FAQs

Study Abroad Advising Appointments
J-Term, Spring, Summer and Fall 2022 Applicants
Virtual Programs

Study Abroad Advising Appointments
I want to make an appointment to talk with an advisor about Study Abroad. How does that work now?

We will continue to accept appointment requests via our Study Abroad portal. Whether with Peer Advisors or CIE staff, appointments can be in person or conducted remotely via Zoom or phone or in person. Click here to make an appointment.

J-Term, Spring, Summer and Fall 2022 Study Abroad Program Applicants

What is the status of my program?

Unless you have heard otherwise from your host institution and/or CIE, your program is scheduled to run as planned and you should continue preparing accordingly. CIE also strongly urges you to make a backup plan by enrolling in Loyola courses and carefully considering your backup housing options.

Please note: Program start dates are subject to change based on Loyola's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and any restrictions or safety measures imposed by host country governments. Loyola reserves the right to change the itinerary of activities for a program or cancel a program entirely at any time. Participants will be notified of any such changes.

How has the application process changed?

CIE will continue to conduct the application procedures as normal, with the following exceptions:
  • Completed Course Approval Forms can now be accepted via email, and we will now accept approval emails in place of signatures. These approval emails should be addressed to Parjest and must come directly from the person granting approval.
  • Study Abroad interviews will be conducted via Zoom.
  • ?Students are required to upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination (front and back of COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card) or submit a request for vaccination exemption for study abroad.
What is Loyola's essential travel policy and how does it apply to students that wish to study abroad?
Vaccinated faculty, staff, and students may travel on University business if the travel is essential. Essential travel includes student travel that is for an academic purpose that is necessary and cannot be postponed or handled remotely (i.e., for graduation, academic progress, research experience, etc.).

Can unvaccinated students participate in essential travel?
If an unvaccinated individual seeks to travel on University business or for University purposes, such a request must be submitted to the Provost for consideration and approval. Such individuals may be subject to additional travel restrictions and testing requirements prior to returning to campus consistent with the Centers for Disease Control guidelines. Contact for more information. 
Virtual Programs
What virtual program options are available?

Students interested in an international experience during the COVID-19 pandemic may wish to consider a virtual study abroad and/or virtual international internship program. The following exciting opportunities are available. 

Virtual programs have lower costs than traditional study abroad and are accessible to a wide range of students. Choosing a virtual study abroad or international internship program shows initiative and a vital interest in global perspectives. You will still benefit from an international experience through online courses and/or your internship placement. You'll add important professional skills to your resume like cross-cultural communication and flexibility. 

I have a question that is not answered here. Who do I contact?

Please contact either Parjest Thevenard or Mariette Thomas with any questions that are not explicitly addressed on this page. 

 Last updated 9/24/21