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Health & Accident Insurance

All student studying abroad must have a health insurance specifically designed for study abroad.  Generally, the health insurance that you have in the U.S. does not have the special features needed by you while abroad. Note that loss arising from participation in high-risk activities such as scuba/skin diving, sky diving, hang gliding, bungee jumping is not likely to be covered by insurance.

All students on Loyola-sponsored exchange/study abroad programs will have health insurance through the Lewer Agency, unless exempted*, and will have a card and information prior to their departure.  For more information on insurance for Loyola programs and claim forms, please go to the insurance page.  The study abroad insurance is mandatory and students cannot opt out of coverage. As of Fall 2021, the Lewer bills $88/month for each month of the duration or your Loyola Exchange/Study Abroad program for LewerMark's Gold Plan. Higher limits are available.

*Exemptions: Students attending the following programs will have to purchase an insurance through the host institutions/organizations:

Students studying abroad on these programs are not required to purchase LewerMark insurance, however LewerMark insurance is available to any student studying abroad. To purchase LewerMark insurance, contact

Domestic Health Insurance Requirement
Additionally, Loyola requires all students to maintain domestic health insurance coverage while abroad. This requirement applies to all students on a Loyola-sponsored study abroad program. This means that for the duration of your program, you must maintain a domestic insurance policy as well as a study abroad insurance policy. Unforeseen events may cause you to return to the U.S. or home country earlier than originally intended--perhaps even with a medical condition requiring treatment--in which case it is imperative to maintain adequate domestic medical coverage even while studying abroad. The details of the domestic requirement can be found on Loyola University's Student Health Insurance Webpage

Revised 9/16/2021