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Direct Enrollment

Loyola University New Orleans sets guidelines about how, when and where undergraduate students may study abroad and the kinds of programs that are approved for study abroad. Issues of health, safety and support are critical to a student's successful experience abroad. Accordingly, Loyola students studying on a non-Loyola program must go through a U.S. based institution or program provider; and the courses and specific program must be approved in advance of a student's application to ensure that the program is appropriate for a student's academic requirements.

On rare occasions, an individual student may wish to seek exemption from this policy on study abroad and apply for direct enrollment in a foreign institution. Students applying for this exemption will have to show previous experience in the host country, evidence of host university support for study abroad students, and/or other academic reasons. The institution should be accredited by the Ministry of Education in the host country or other equivalent accrediting agency. A Loyola student may file a petition for individual exemption in the Center for International Education for consideration by the Internationalization Review and Advisory Committee. The petition should be in the form of an essay and address the following issues:
  • the academic necessity and appropriateness of the proposed study,
  • the individual's personal preparedness and familiarity with the country,
  • evidence of support in the host country, either from family or from the host institution, including with living arrangements.
All applications for Summer, Fall and Academic Year are due on March 1 and for J-term and Spring on October 1. The Internationalization Review and Advisory Committee only approves the exemption from the university policy on studying through a U.S. based program or institution. The student must still receive academic approval for the specific program and courses.

Please note: Students that direct enroll in a foreign institution may have to forfeit financial aid and study abroad scholarships. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for more information. 

Veterans who receive Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits may be eligible to use them for Direct Enrollment programs as long as the host institution is pre-approved to receive VA funding by the Veterans Benefits Administration. You can check an institution's status here.