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Courses and Credits

Programs with Loyola Faculty and Loyola courses

Loyola Faculty-led Summer program: You will receive Loyola course credit and grades. It is your responsibility to make sure that the courses you are taking will meet specific degree requirements or count as electives for your program. You don't have to fill out any additional forms other than those required for your program.

Programs at other institutions – policies for credit approval and grade transferGina Salacki - India Train

  • Remember that you must have approval to study abroad and have an application set up through the Loyola study abroad website if you want to receive credit.  This applies even on non-Loyola programs. 
  • Your courses need to be approved in advance
    • All Courses used to fulfill program requirements must be approved by the following individuals on the Course Approval Form (CAF) accompanied by course descriptions or syllabi. 
      • Associate Dean or designated official from the student’s College
      • department chair,
      • advisor,
      • Second major or minor Chair
      • Foreign Lang. Chair’s Approval if taking required courses,
      • Director of Honors Program if applicable
      • Financial Aid
      • CIE
    • Students must ensure that an official transcript from the institution attended be forwarded to CIE.
    • Students are subject to all University and college residency requirements unless they receive prior permission from their college.
  • Credits abroad
You must be enrolled in a full course of study at your program abroad. This could be 30 credits or 60. You may be enrolled in 3 classes or 10. This will vary from country to country. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are taking enough credits in your host country to count for the equivalent of at least 12 credits at Loyola. If you enroll in less than a full course of study, this could affect your financial aid package in your semester abroad as well as future semesters at Loyola. Students have lost TOPs and other financial aid because they did not complete a full course of study while abroad. 
  • You are still registered at Loyola!
Depending on the program you are attending, the Center for International Education registers you in a 12-credit dummy course at Loyola which includes the name and location of your study abroad program.  The number of credits associated with this course may not correspond to the actual number of credits that you are taking while you are abroad – don’t worry!  When Loyola receives your transcript at the end of your semester abroad, the actual number of credits you earned while abroad will be posted instead.  You will continue to receive e-mails from Loyola and be able to early register while you are abroad.
  • Grading abroad
Depending on your program, the grading system, the academic expectations of the faculty, and number of credits assigned may be very different from Loyola. For example, the professors may not give you a syllabus or tell you how you will be graded. Your entire grade could be based on one exam at the end of the semester or an oral and written exam, and the grading scale may not be directly equivalent to our system.  Find out what is expected of you in each class and what the grades mean. Talk to your fellow students and make sure you understand what is expected of you and how you will be graded. In case there are any questions about what is covered in your courses abroad, we recommend that you keep copies of all your work done abroad and syllabi. Professors abroad frequently do not return papers and so it is important to keep copies of your work.
  • Transfer of grades
    • Students must complete the course approval form during the pre-acceptance phase of their application and if courses change, the Study Abroad Course CHANGE Approval Form
    • Effective Fall 2021, CIE will implement a “Pass/Fail” grading transfer policy for all Study Abroad courses except those delivered by Loyola faculty (Summer and J-Term Faculty-Led Programs, for example). Students earning a passing grade as determined by their host institution, will receive a grade of "P" on their transcript. A grade of "P" will confer hours earned but will not factor into semester or cumulative GPA. Students earning a failing grade, as determined by their host institution, will receive a grade of "F" of their transcript. A grade of "F" will not confer hours but will factor into semester and cumulative GPA.

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Revised 8/1/2021