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Study Abroad in 5 Simple Steps

Shanice York Cliffs of Moher Step 1: Meet with a Peer Advisor

About a full year prior to when you want to go abroad

Schedule a meeting with a Study Abroad Peer Advisor. We'll discuss:
Next steps:
  • Apply for a Passport.
  • Review specific programs that meet your degree and financial requirements.
  • Review program pages and come up with 2 or more choices.
    • Do they offer the courses needed for your major?
    • Does the cost of the program fit your financial situation?
  • Make an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor to discuss financial and academic fit, if you have questions.

Step 2: Begin Your Application

8–10 months prior
  • If you're applying to a Loyola study abroad or exchange program, start your application.
  • If you're applying to a non-Loyola or ISEP program, make an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor. They will open an application for you.
    • Applicants to non-Loyola  and ISEP programs must have an application set up through the Loyola study abroad website in order to receive credit for courses taken abroad. 

Step 3: Interview with Loyola Faculty

4-6 months prior
  • Once you’ve completed your Loyola application, you will discuss your plans and motivations with a faculty committee.

Step 4: Complete your host university application 

If you meet all eligibility requirements, CIE will nominate you to ISEP or one of our partner universities abroad. The host university will contact you directly with instructions for completing their application process and notify you of acceptance. Be patient, as it could take a few weeks before you are accepted to your selected university. 

Next Steps:
  • Apply for your visa
  • Purchase airline tickets
  • Secure housing
  • Confirm other details before you leave

Step 5: Attend Pre-Departure Orientation & Go Abroad!

You are required to attend Pre-Departure Orientation to be approved to study abroad.
Continue your pre-departure preparations.


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Do you still have questions? Make an appointment with Parjest. 

Revised 6/30/2022