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Make an Appointment


How to make an appointment: Choose whether to meet with a Peer Advisor or Study Abroad Advisor. Click on an advisor's name, then click "Request appointment or information," and then "Click to make an appointment." Choose the date and time that works best for you. You can also include a short message to let them know if there's anything specific you'd like to discuss.

Please read carefully to determine whether you should request an appointment with a Peer Advisor or a CIE Staff member.

Make an appointment with a Student Peer Advisor if...

  • you have never had an advising appointment at CIE.
  • you still have very general questions about Loyola Study Abroad such as general program differences, application deadlines, etc.
  • you want to meet with a specific Peer Advisor to ask questions about their experiences abroad, get a student perspective or advice, etc.

Our Peer Advisors for 2021-2022 are:
Christophe Cogerino – I am a senior at Loyola. I am originally from New Orleans but moved to Katy, Texas when I was 10 and lived there since I graduated high school. I am majoring in Digital Filmmaking and minoring in French. I studied abroad in Lyon, France, in the summer of 2019, taking a couple of French courses to complete my minor. I am very much looking forward to guiding you and answering any questions you have in regard to study abroad programs that Loyola offers as one of the Study Abroad Peer Advisors.

Ella Cogerino – I am a Senior at Loyola, and I am majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in French. I am originally from New Orleans, and from 10 years old to high school graduation, I lived in Katy, Texas. In the summer of 2019, I participated in a study abroad program in Lyon, France, and it was truly one of the best experiences I have had throughout my college career. I loved every part of it, from the courses I took to meeting people from different parts of the world to experiencing France as a local would. I look forward to helping students in the Loyola community through the study abroad process and see the amazing opportunities that come with studying outside the country!

Zoë Stambaugh – I am a Senior Graphic Design Major at Loyola University. I have lived in New Orleans all my life. I studied abroad this past Summer in South Korea. I am well versed in the difficulties of finding the perfect program especially during a Pandemic. It can be done!


Make an appointment CIE's Study Abroad Advisor if...

  • you have completed your initial Peer Advisor meeting and you are ready to get more information about specific programs.
  • you believe you are ready to start an application to a specific program.
  • you are continuing a Study Abroad program application and have questions or issues to discuss.
  • it's summer and there are no Peer Advisors to meet with.

If any of these describe you, please make your appointment with Parjest Thevenard. Be sure to choose a date / time as shown in the screenshot below.
make an appointment screenshot

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