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Study Abroad Costs

The cost to study abroad varies widely depending on the program, location as well as your personal expenses. When you think about the actual cost of studying abroad you need to include the following:
  • Tuition – do your scholarships and other financial aid apply,
  • Program fees – all students studying abroad must pay the $400 study abroad fee.  Other fees may apply to your program.
  • Room and board – These vary enormously depending on the program and the housing available.  Housing costs are generally comparable to Loyola Residence Halls, but much higher in Australia, the UK and New Zealand and major cities. Most programs don’t include the cost of meals unless you will stay with a host family.  Self-catered means you cook for yourself.
  • Round trip airfare – It is important to look around as prices vary wildly.  STA Travel allows you to lock in your trip at today’s price without having to pay the full amount immediately.  This is particularly important when your acceptance is delayed.
  • Visa – Not only do you have to consider the cost of the visa but also whether you have to go to the consulate to obtain a visa.  You would need to consider transportation and hotel costs if you have to go to another city to the consulate. 
  • Passport cost
  • Study abroad insurance – this averages $88 a month for the length of your program but could cost more or be included in the program fee.
  • In-country transportation – this includes both travel but also if you have to take public transportation from your housing to the university.
  • Pre-departure Medical Expenses – including vaccinations, medical exams, etc.
  • Personal expenses
Pre-departure Costs
There are pre-departure costs that you typically have to pay before your financial aid is available.  These may be airline tickets, visas, passport, housing costs, etc.  You need to make plans to pay these in advance.

If you are going on a Loyola program, check the budget sheet on your program brochure for more detailed information.
Can I afford my program?
We strongly recommend that you carefully review the budget sheets for your selected program and then review the list of other costs listed above. Costs will vary depending on your individual spending habits, changes in exchange rates, etc.  Estimates typically do not include side-trips that students take independently of the program and may not include such costs as souvenirs, phones, money for doctor’s visits, etc. Be sure to consider your own spending habits and the amount of personal travel you plan to do and adjust your budget accordingly.

Then you need to look at your assets so that you are clear on exactly how much your program will cost and how you will cover these costs.  Here is a sample study abroad assets -costs excel - (see tabs at bottom) that you can use to figure your expenses and assets.
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Revised 9/20/2022