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India Diversity

Race and Ethnicity

As a student of color, you may be concerned about facing potential racial bias and prejudice without the comfort of your usual support system. On the other hand, you may be looking forward to being part of the majority population for the first time in your life; or you may be planning a study abroad experience in the country or region of your family's heritage. Whatever reasons you have for studying abroad, this experience presents a unique learning opportunity that will serve you well in the future. In addition to the personal growth and experience you gain, your participation gives you a competitive advantage for graduate school and in the work place.

The following information is an important resource for students of color interested in study abroad. These resources discuss why study abroad is an important opportunity for students of color, issues students of color may face abroad, and address many of the concerns students of color interested in study abroad may have.

This information is adapted from various sources including information originally created by Gary Rhodes, Ph.D., Director, Center for Global Education Loyola Marymount University and from the NAFSA Rainbow SIG website.





Last modified 11/24/2008