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Deadlines and Eligibility > Study Abroad at Loyola University New Orleans

Deadlines and Eligibility for Study Abroad

Natalie Jones - Carlitos

Application Deadlines for Semester Programs
Students must submit a completed application by the deadline posted below:

  • ISEP and Loyola Exchange programs priority deadline is April 1 for the following spring semester and December 1 for the fall semester and following academic year. Applications submitted after this deadline will be accepted as space is available.

  • All students must submit the online program approval form by the deadlines, even though third-party programs may have later application dates:

    • Spring semester programs: October 1

    • Fall semester programs: March 1

Academic Requirements
Unless you are on university academic probation, you are eligible to participate in any study abroad program as long as you meet the prerequisite course and GPA requirements.

Most Loyola semester/exchange programs require a minimum GPA of at least a 2.75, and some programs require a 3.0. Summer programs generally only require a 2.0, but this may vary.

Students whose GPA falls below the requirement prior to the start of the study abroad program will be withdrawn with no refund. Virtually all programs are open to juniors and seniors; many are open to sophomore, and some to first-year students. You can search programs based on GPA requirements as well as by classification.

Language Requirements
Many programs are taught entirely in English, even if offered in non-English speaking countries. You can take language courses to learn the local language even if you've never studied it before. Some programs require language proficiency. You can search for programs according to how many semesters of language study required. 
If you are planning to study abroad for a semester, we do recommend that you take at least one language course, even if all the courses are taught in English. Your experience will be much richer if you are able to talk to people in the local bar or market.
University Probation
Students who are on academic or disciplinary probation during any point of the study abroad application and selection process, as well as anytime leading up to departure, are not eligible to participate in a Study Abroad program.
Revised 8/9/2017

Last modified 08/09/2017