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Exploring your Options

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Semester and Year
Loyola students have two types of programs to choose from when going abroad for a semester or year:

  • Exchange: You study at one of our established partner universities, pay tuition at Loyola, and can use all of your tuition financial aid. You pay room and board in your host country.
Click here to conduct a program search. Or explore programs by major: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business Programs, College of Music and Fine Arts.
  • Non-Loyola Study Abroad Programs: If you do not find a Loyola program that meets your needs, you can choose a study abroad program through another university or third-party provider and transfer the credit toward your degree. Your Loyola scholarships will not apply, but your federal aid will. You will need to get the program approved by CIE.

You can search non-Loyola programs at

  • ISEP Exchange and Direct: ISEP provides Loyola students with opportunities to study at hundreds of institutions in over 50 countries. Students on ISEP Exchange programs pay Loyola tuition, room, and board and can use all of their scholarships and financial aid. Students on ISEP Direct programs pay program tuition and can use federal aid. Visit to learn more about your options. 


  • Loyola Faculty-led Summer Abroad: If you want to study abroad in the summer, you have the option of going on one of Loyola’s 3-4 week faculty-led programs. You take Loyola credit courses related to the study abroad site and live and travel with other Loyola students. Generally students don't have any financial aid or scholarships for use in the summer, but if they do, then it can be used for these programs.

    • Belgium  - Apply now for summer 2018
    • India - Apply now for summer 2018.
    • Ireland - Apply now for summer 2018.
    • Italy - Apply now for summer 2018
    • Mexico - Apply now for summer 2018.
    • Paris - Apply now for summer 2018.
  • Loyola Exchange Partner Summer Programs: You can also go on summer programs through our established partner universities. Program length and cost varies. Generally students don't have any financial aid or scholarships for use in the summer, but if they do, then it can be used for these programs.

Other OptionsSalacki Saris Wolfpack India

  • Course with a Study Abroad Component: Some Loyola courses, like Tropical Ecology, have a study abroad component as part of the regular course.
  • Ignacio Volunteer Trips: The University Ministry offers a number of non-credit service learning trips. You can find out more information about these opportunities through University Ministry.
  • Internships: You can do an internship in addition to your studies through some of the exchange programs. ISEP programs also offer internship placements in conjunction with coursework abroad. You can also search non-Loyola internship options at and BUNAC.

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Last modified 01/26/2018