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Checklist for Studying Abroad

Before You GoChina Lake

  • Apply for your passport. For US citizens, a passport can take six to eight weeks to process.

  • Check to see if you need a student visa for your program.

  • Have extra passport pictures taken for other program related documents.

  • Read all material you receive from the Center for International Education and your program sponsor.

  • Attend the mandatory pre-departure orientation.

  • Schedule an appointment with a travel clinic or family physician for a physical. Have them complete your program's health information form, if applicable. Depending on where you are traveling, you may need a series of vaccinations, which can take up to six months to complete.

  • Make plans to maintain health insurance in your home country, including hospitalization. If you are on a Loyola exchange you will have international health insurance coverage through Lewermark.

  • Make logistical arrangements for your time abroad and your return:

    • registration

    • power of attorney

    • financial aid

    • academic plans

    • payment of bills including program fees

    • on- or off- campus housing arrangements (if applicable)

    • absentee voting (if applicable)

    • income taxes (if applicable)

  • Consult with appropriate offices and websites for accurate, official, and up-to-date information related to your trip (i.e. CIE website, US State Department travel advisory and warning web page, CDC website).

  • Complete and return forms from your program sponsor and host institution by the dates requested.

While Abroad

  • CIE will register you with the State Department in your host countries.

  • Keep records of all academic information (including all course information: syllabi, notes, homework, compositions, exams, contact information of your professors).

  • Correspond with your academic adviser at Loyola, if needed.

  • Collect references from any relevant supervisors from internships, etc. for future use.

  • Make sure that the courses you are taking have been approved. If you have to change the courses that were pre-approved, contact CIE to get your courses approved.

Upon Your Return

  • Complete the online program evaluation. (You must complete the program evaluation before you will receive credit for the program.

  • Update your address information.

  • Continue your international experience at Loyola!

  • Join the inBus (International Buddies)

  • Join ISA (International Students Association)

  • Become a CIE Peer Advisor

  • Use your international experience when updating your resume

  • Write an article about your overseas experience for the Maroon or one of the many study abroad publications.

Check out the other international opportunities that are available to you after graduation!

Revised 8/9/2017

Last modified 08/09/2017